Unlocking the value of your Valuations career

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Are you a valuations specialist? If so, you’ll know it’s a rewarding yet highly competitive ...

Are you a valuations specialist? If so, you’ll know it’s a rewarding yet highly competitive field. And to be hired by top companies, you’ve got to know your worth!

If you have a few years working in valuations under your belt and are weighing up your options, this article is for you. We’ll help you understand your true value, as well as recognise the right time to make your next career move.

You’re an experienced Valuations professional… What next?

Do you know what employers are looking for in their valuations employees? If you’re seeking a thriving valuations career, it’s important to know.

Firstly, possessing experience in valuations is great. But if you’re not quite there yet, hang on in there. The first foundational years building essential experience will most definitely be worth it and will make you a highly sought-after candidate in the future.

During those first few years, your experience should include a deep understanding of tax and financial reporting. Some of the more sought-after specialisms further on are business valuations generalists and portfolio valuations specialists. With specialists in tangibles, real estate, litigations, and/or complex securities also in demand. Additionally, having a background in accounting or consulting and being CFA qualified can significantly enhance your prospects.

But what about softer skills? Well, an entrepreneurial mindset is highly valued as it’ll showcase your ability to think outside the box, identify opportunities, and deliver innovative solutions. But client-facing skills are crucial too – they’ll set you up for future roles that involve business development.

Does this candidate profile sound like you? If so, rest assured, there’s substantial opportunity waiting for you.


Choosing your path

One of the best things about being in valuations is that you have several exciting paths to explore.

Continuing in accounting or consulting, albeit with a different firm, can provide fresh challenges and opportunities for growth. It’s always a great option if your current role feels stagnant or there’s a limited progression path.

But have you also considered transitioning into private equity or investment banking? Both can offer new dimensions to your career – you’ll expand your knowledge and skill set, and open doors to a wide range of diverse industries and sectors. Salaries can often be higher in these areas too.

Don’t assume you’re constrained in valuations – there’s always potential for a change of direction. At Apollo Solutions, we work with a variety of organisations offering a range of different valuations roles.


In-demand locations

A strategic relocation to a valuations talent hotspot can be a game-changer in your career too. Moving to a city that values and seeks your specific expertise can amplify your opportunities and expose you to a broader network of professionals in the field.

In the US, hotspots include New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta, which are all known for their vibrant valuations markets. Check out other hotspots in our blog on the best US cities for valuations talent.

Do some global research, because the right cities are normally home to top employers seeking qualified professionals like you and will offer endless openings. If you’re looking to maximise your potential and explore new horizons, consider which prime locations could take your valuations career to new heights.


Taking the next step

Once you’ve decided which direction you want your career to take, and in which location, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to leave your current position. Taking the next step in your career can be a challenging decision. Consider factors such as your career goals, growth potential, and market trends. Reflect on your strengths, your passions and aspirations. And seek advice from industry professionals who can provide personalised insights.

But remember, recognising your value and understanding the value you can add is crucial for career advancement. Many accountancy candidates are unaware of their true value to businesses, underestimating their true potential and the opportunities available to them.

But with the right qualifications, experience, and mindset, you’re well-positioned to excel in this dynamic specialism. Stay proactive, explore opportunities in prime locations, and engage with experts, like Apollo Solutions, who can support you on your journey. Remember, your valuations career holds immense potential, and by seizing the right moment, you can unlock a world of exciting possibilities.


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