The best cities in the US for Valuations talent

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If you’re a valuation specialist, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in high demand in many lo...

If you’re a valuation specialist, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in high demand in many locations across the world, but particularly, the United States. 

The Accounting Services industry in the US is the 8th ranked Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry by employment, and the number of people employed in accountancy roles increased by 1.6% between 2018 and 2023.

As the expert field of valuations becomes more popular, certain US cities have emerged as hotspots for this profession. And whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, it's important to know where the best opportunities are. 

Here, we’ve put together our list of some of the top US cities for valuations talent.

New York

It’s probably no surprise to see New York City as the first on our list. The Financial Capital of the World, NYC is one of the most well-established hubs for financial services and others industries, making it a super-attractive destination for valuations professionals.

Because it’s the largest and probably most famous financial hub, New York has opportunities for all kinds of accountancy specialisms, not only valuations. Did you know that accountancy professionals are more in-demand in this city than anywhere else in America?

It’s a hive of activity bursting with opportunities with top multinationals…and being able to include time spent working in NYC on your CV is sure to impress any future prospective valuations employers.

From its world-famous skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge to its Broadway shows and cheesecake, there’s many reasons why NYC’s on our list – make sure it’s on yours too.



Another well-established location for valuations talent, the Windy City’s well-known for a thriving business community and a wide range of opportunities across different sectors. Like New York, it’s well-known for a wide variety of industries, attracting professionals cross-sector.

Chicago has the second highest number of accounting roles out of all US cities (after NYC). It’s a popular place for start-ups to build foundations and, also like New York, is home to some of America’s top-ten accounting firms.

There are festivals, food, and family-friendly activities a-plenty in Chicago. It’s notorious for its live theatre and arts, but perhaps lesser known for several miles of sandy shoreline.

If you want to live and work in a city with a little bit of everything, including an abundance of valuations roles, Chicago’s a great choice.


San Francisco & Los Angeles

The West Coast of America is home to some of the most established hotspots for valuations professionals, particularly in the entertainment, technology, and media industries. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles offer a range of prospects if you’re looking to specialise in one of those areas.

San Fran has a booming financial district that’s home to the largest concentration of the city’s corporate giants. Think Wells Fargo, Uber, and Gap alongside a plethora of global banks, and other financial institutions.

Meanwhile, California takes fourth place on the list of top paying states for accountants, after the District of Columbia (DC), New York and New Jersey. And there is even speculation that Los Angeles may be on track to becoming one of the world’s leading financial hubs, overtaking cities such as China’s commercial capital, Shanghai, in recent years.

Of course, both San Francisco and LA have long been magnets for people wanting a melting pot of cultures – not to mention great sights, entertainment, and even better weather! Ready to take your valuations career up a notch? The West Coast shouldn’t be overlooked.



Another place to consider if you’re a sun lover is Miami. But this Florida city’s not just about cocktails, surfing, and beaches – it’s a growing hotspot for valuations talent too. The county of Miami-Dade is known as the Financial Centre for Latin America and has the biggest collective of domestic and international banks of any East Coast location south of New York.

There’s a particular focus in Miami on the tech industry and it’s becoming an attractive alternative to the Silicon Valley for some up-and-coming tech firms who view it as too crowded and too expensive.

Florida is also one of only seven states without a personal income tax, so another draw for workers. Given this, the climate, and a hugely diverse culture, why wouldn’t you think about a valuations career in Miami?


Dallas & Houston

Both the Texan cities of Dallas and Houston are experiencing rapid growth in the energy sector, making them ideal locations for valuations specialists with experience in this area.

The Oil and Gas industry has long made these locations appealing places for trade and commerce. However today, Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, is blossoming with growing healthcare, aviation, digital tech, and manufacturing sectors too.

For Dallas, the outlook’s just as positive. It’s the business and financial services centre for the state of Texas and continues to evolve into a major high-tech hub.

So, don your cowboy boots. Either of these spots are strong contenders for boosting a career in valuations.



Philadelphia may not be the first city that springs to mind when you think about furthering a career in valuations. But it’s a well-established hotspot for accountancy talent that’s on an upward growth curve.

It’s the seventh largest city in America and like Chicago and New York, it's industry-agnostic, offering opportunities across lots of different industries – the most thriving being the medical and education sectors. But finance, technology and tourism are flourishing in Philly too, and it’s also home to Fortune 500 companies including Comcast, Crown Holding and Aramark.

Work culture is important in Philadelphia and that fact was backed up by a national LinkedIn survey that revealed 81% of professionals working there claim it’s important to have pride in the company they work for. 56% stated work/life balance and flexibility are the biggest factors for them. And more than 70% of Philadelphians (higher than the national average) said they would not transition to a leading company in their field if it meant sacrificing company culture.

And it’s not just work culture that’s winning in Philly. If you’re into arts and music, dining and drinking out, it’s a cultural capital that has it all.



Boston’s rapidly growing as a hub for valuations specialists across a wide range of industries. It’s a city known for a prosperous economy, a strong jobs market and an abundance of possibilities in finance as well as innovation, tech, and education.

It’s recognised as one of the top ten locations for entry-level opportunities and the state of Massachusetts is ranked as one of the highest paying places to work in accountancy, alongside New York and California.

Not only a fantastic location for travelling pretty much anywhere in the Eastern states because of great transport links, Boston’s also famous for its walkability. Dubbed one of the US’s best states for walking to work (with an impressive score of 86.91), Boston’s expansive green space has led to a long history of on-foot pursuits. It’s home to the Freedom Trail – one of the country’s oldest historic walking tours. And, of course, the legendary Boston Marathon.

As the lyrics from TV’s famous Boston-based Cheers bar ask: “Wouldn’t you like to get away? Where everybody knows your name…”


Washington, DC

If you’re looking to work in one of the nation's emerging hotspots for valuations, you must check out Washington DC.

The country’s capital is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to work in and while politics are big there, other fields, including accountancy, are plentiful too. DC’s home to several large multinationals such as the World Bank and IMF, so it’s often appealing to financial specialists.

Want a standard nine to five? Washington DC may not be for you. It’s a city with a notoriously hard-working culture where overtime is common. But it’s also a diverse environment where age and other demographics aren’t barriers – merit is given based on experience and achievements, so there are lots of pulls for ambitious valuations professionals wanting to get ahead.

Coined as a ‘bucket-list destination’ for many, Washington offers unrivalled museums, memorials and of course unique highlights such as The White House, National Mall, and Capitol Building. Sports fans can easily access baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey games in Washington. You’ll also enjoy the spectacle of its springtime Cherry Blossoms. Could your valuations career blossom here too?



Denver’s experiencing rapid growth in both the industrial and mining sectors, making it an ideal location for valuations specialists with experience in these areas.

Mining activities, especially of mental ores, are common throughout the whole of Colorado.

But it’s geography also makes it a popular base for federal agencies, businesses in the defence industry and the military.

Renowned for a great work/life balance, Denver’s definitely one to consider if wellbeing’s important in your next valuations role. Many are drawn to the relaxed lifestyle the city offers. Flexible and remote working are common as well as more unusual benefits such as unlimited holiday allowances. And dress codes tend to match these laid-back approaches to working culture too.

Denver’s nicknamed the Mile High City due to being located at the top of a mountain range. Are you ready to take your valuations career to new heights?



Just like Dallas and Houston, Atlanta is experiencing significant and speedy expansion across a number of different industries. Some of the most promising start-up sectors are within tech (particularly climate tech, mental health tech, AI, Fintech, Edtech, E-Commerce and Space tech). And, according to, Atlanta tops the list of locations for new college graduates and young professionals to settle. Maybe that’s because of Atlanta’s desirable combination of competitive salaries and a relatively low cost of living.

It’s useful to know that the city has the third most Fortune 500 companies of any city in America. UPS, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines are just a few, suggesting a booming economy and lots of career opportunities if you’re working in valuations.

Known for funky neighbourhoods, outdoor eateries, and vast parkland, you may also recognise some of Atlanta’s landmarks from the hit show, Stranger Things. It’s also been a filming location for Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Anchorman 2, and the Walking Dead. Are you ready to make your debut in Atlanta?



The music capital of Nashville had to make it onto our list of top US locations for valuations professionals. You may not immediately associate it with accountancy – after all, it’s better known for its country, rock and R&B scene, quirky art, and southern fried chicken. But did you know that Nashville is well suited to professionals looking to develop their careers?

Both finance and tech are on the up there. And despite there being 50,000 music-related jobs, healthcare is actually Nashville’s largest industry. Flexible working and healthy workplace cultures are the norm – the city’s high retention rates are no coincidence.

If this is music to your ears, Nashville could be the location for your next valuations role.



A well-established spot for valuations professionals, Seattle’s got to be a serious contender. It’s a specialism that continues to grow, particularly in the tech industry, so there are plenty of reasons for those in valuations to head to this hub.

The city’s job market has increased by 2.6% in the past 12 months and over the next ten years, job growth is expected to reach 43.8% - that’s more than the overall US average of 33.5%.

Washington’s another no personal tax state – a great bonus to living and working in Seattle, alongside great beer, plenty of sports, and apparently some of the best sushi outside of Japan.

Expedia, Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks all have headquarters in Seattle. If it’s good enough for them, why not make it your HQ too?



Ever considered Minnesota for furthering your valuations career? If the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ (yes, there are actually approx. 10,000 across the state!) isn’t already on your radar, then it should be, because Minnesota’s a budding centre for valuations talent.

There’s no shortage of industries to choose from: technology, manufacturing, food & agriculture, renewable energy, and finance are all flourishing – to highlight just a few. It’s perhaps no surprise it’s ranked third in the US for economic opportunity.

Contributing to the affluent economy are a relatively large number of Fortune 500s including Target, Best Buy, and United Health Group. In fact, Minnesota sits in joint tenth position for the most Fortune 500s despite only being the 22nd largest state by population.

Taking into account factors like the economy, healthcare, infrastructure, and environment, a report from U.S. News & World also named Minnesota the second-best state in the country. It has a famously laid-back, outdoorsy lifestyle. But if hiking, camping, and fishing aren’t your thing, there’s always the Mall of America - the largest shopping mall in the entire United States.


New Jersey

New Jersey’s another up-and-coming place to be if you’re looking for a diverse range of sectors in which to develop a career in valuations. Tech, pharmaceuticals & life science, clean energy, film & media, manufacturing, and finance are all surging – great news for the fourth smallest US state which also happens to be the most densely populated.

So why is it such a crowd-puller? Well firstly, there’s an abundance of jobs – particularly in life sciences. New Jersey is home to 14 of the US’s 20 largest pharmaceutical organisations which generate over 63,000 roles. The state alone produces more than $120billion in pharma revenue annually.

Financial services contribute almost $32billion to New Jersey’s economy which boasts more than 11,400 finance-related businesses, employing around 180,000 staff. Which brings us to another great reason to live and work in the state: its proximity to the hustle and bustle of New York – and of course Wall Street, which has undoubtedly boosted the state’s success.

If you’re looking for a diverse, family-friendly state with a great education system, you’ll find new opportunities in New Jersey.



Downtown Charlotte is the biggest city in the state of North Carolina, and as such it’s a good choice if you’re in valuations. Again, there are lots of industries you can choose to work in.

Manufacturing is the largest sector, closely followed by trade & transport. But professional & business services, and finance are all prospering there too. Its economy is booming and from 2010 to 2013, it was named as the second-fastest growing large US city. During that period more than 150,000 people moved to enjoy all that Charlotte has to offer, and along with them came an injection of new businesses and wealth.

It's certainly not a small city, but rather it’s known for its small-town feel. It’s clean, diverse, and boasts charming neighbourhoods. No to mention great schools and a mild climate. A young, up-and-coming city – it could be perfect for those up-and-coming in valuations too.

To wrap up the fascinating subject of US valuations hotspots, it’s worth remembering there are many different cities across the US offering excellent opportunities for valuations professionals…the key is finding the right one for you – along, of course, with the right role.

Whether you're looking to specialise in a particular industry or expand your horizons in a new area, keep these hotspots in mind. At Apollo Solutions, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends and developments, ensuring you're in great shape to take advantage of the best opportunities in your field.

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