Behind closed doors: a day in the life of a recruiter

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For many people, the daily grind can take on a mundane rhythm. But for recruiters, each...

For many people, the daily grind can take on a mundane rhythm. But for recruiters, each day brings fresh challenges as they help businesses grow and achieve their goals, as well as land talented professionals their dream jobs. No two days are ever the same…

Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a recruiter? Let's take a journey through an example day in the world of recruitment.

The early bird catches the worm

Up and at ‘em! There’s no better time for a recruiter to get ahead of the game than first thing in the morning. From checking emails, to catching up on social media, these essential check-ins provide early insight into changes or trends in your specialist field.

Struggling to get hold of candidates or clients during working hours? An early morning chat is the solution, so it’s straight onto the phone to catch up with a candidate and check he’s prepped for today’s interview with a leading FinTech, and the CTO on their way to work. Now is the only time she can talk.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Next up? It’s time to catch up with the team! One of Apollo’s core values is ‘partnership’ and we like to check in with each other regularly. Whether face-to-face in the office or working remotely, we work closely together and share best practice, measure progress, tackle problems, and celebrate wins.


Building winning cultures

One of the best things about being a recruiter? Helping companies grow and evolve. So, after talking with an organisation wanting to become more diverse, it’s time to put our expert knowledge to use and let them know how we can help. It’s taken months of work to get them on board. There was limited budget for using external agencies, and their HR team didn’t have sign-off to go outside their current suppliers.

But one of our core values is ‘diversity’ and after a number of conversations to educate and advise, we got everyone aligned and convinced them we’re the right partner. Yes! Our solution has come out on top: a retained search, which allows us to put more resources and consultants onto a project to ensure we find and attract the best talent for the role.


Expanding our network

Then onto more new business development and working through our list of target clients. It’s not always easy to cold call, field objections and face rejection, but exciting when we bring on a new client! The list is made up of decision makers, hiring managers, influencers and internal recruiters in our specialist field that we typically nurture over a period of time until they’re ready to partner with us.


The perfect match

Recruitment’s all about finding the right person for the job, so now we need to start scouring our in-house database, network, job boards, and social media, alongside headhunting and market mapping to find suitable candidates for a strategic senior hire. We don't just look at qualifications, but also things like personality traits and a company’s culture – we want to make great matches between employers and employees that’ll stand the test of time.


Some good news…

Now to get an update on how the senior candidate’s interview went. A quick call with the FinTech’s CTO confirms it’s great news. He’s down to the last two. She liked our candidate, but there were one or two things she wasn’t sure about. But having nurtured relationships with both the candidate and client over time, we were able to put her at ease and convince her our candidate’s the right person for the job. Time to let the candidate know, talk through next steps and manage his expectations.


A little downtime

It’s the middle of the day. Did you know it's been proven that taking time out for a lunch break increases productivity and creativity? It also helps with mental health and in preventing burnout. Whatever your preference for lunchtime, recruitment’s busy, so it’s important to step away from your desk to recharge.


Some face-to-face time

Good recruiters carry out first interviews with candidates to screen them before putting them in front of a client. With a 57% increase in the use of video interviews post pandemic and due to technology advances, we’re hopping on some video calls to get the low down on candidates’ ambitions, motivations, and expectations, and present them with suitable opportunities.


Up for the challenge

Onto an intense client meeting now and a bit of a challenge. It’s a business having difficulty hiring niche talent. They had an urgent project coming up and needed help to make multiple hires…and quick! We haven’t hit the nail on the head just yet – what the client wants and what’s available on the market don’t quite match up. Time to advise on market conditions, skills and salary ranges before getting our heads together to come up with an unbeatable solution. After all, this is what we do, and we’ve done it many times before!


Hello expat life

It’s not only a new role that can change someone’s life. Sometimes local talent pools just don’t hit the mark, so we headhunt on a global basis to find the best candidate for the job. And when they’re hired, we help to relocate that individual too.

So, next is some time with a candidate who’s relocating to the Netherlands. There’s lots to organise. It’s down to the candidate and client to finalise the logistics. Our role involves guiding the candidate through the process. It’s a big decision. Have they spoken to their friends and family about the move? Done their research? Are they serious about relocating and willing to put in the work? We need to ensure both candidate and client are aligned and there are no surprises.


This is what it’s all about!

The best part of the job! Delivering life-changing news. The CTO of the FinTech called back and confirmed she’d chosen our candidate, so time to contact him with an offer and start the onboarding process. First, we’ll put our negotiation skills to use and ensure we close the offer for both employee and employer.


Analytics matter

Towards the end of the day, it’s time to reflect and report. Analytics are important to recruitment businesses for measuring and improving performance. Good recruiters record and evaluate things like volume of calls, CVs sent, interviews booked, time to hire, candidate/client feedback, etc. to ensure they get the most out of their efforts. And finally, some prep and a to-do list for the next day to set ourselves up for a successful and productive day.


From identifying the best candidates and winning new clients, through to ensuring best practice and legal compliance, there’s a lot to think about as a recruiter. It can be tough. There’s a lot to juggle and a lot of ups and downs. They call it the recruitment rollercoaster for a reason! 

But what a fantastic, rewarding career for people who love building relationships, influencing people, creating opportunities, selling solutions and closing the deal! Not only is recruiting a fast-paced, autonomous job offering great financial rewards and career progression, you’re also responsible for changing lives. Every day, you’re helping businesses grow and candidates to find their perfect role – and that’s all down to you!  

Looking for a busy, versatile career where every day is different? Recruiting could be the perfect career. We’re always on the lookout for trainee and experienced recruiters looking for a new challenge. Think you’d fit right in? Find out more about a career with Apollo Solutions, send your CV to Talent Manager Amy Brislane, and contact us to be part of our next chapter.


"I joined Apollo Solutions as an Associate Consultant in May 2021. Making the move into recruitment was certainly daunting, the big unknown. But from day one, I had a clear training plan as well as the space and autonomy to learn and hit the ground running. I’ve achieved 3 promotions in less than 2 years, seen clear monetary benefits, and most importantly, I’m part of a business that truly live by their values and put you first."

Jon, Principal Consultant

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