8 ways a specialist recruiter will help you stay ahead of the competition

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When you’re hiring, finding the right candidate for a job role can be a tedious and time-con...

When you’re hiring, finding the right candidate for a job role can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Two thirds (65%) of employers globally have reported losing their preferred candidate due to an overly lengthy hiring process. So, to make the process more efficient, and less taxing (and to ensure you’re not missing out on the best candidates), why not turn to the expertise of a specialist recruitment agency like Apollo Solutions to make life easier?

From exciting new start-ups looking to grow at speed to large enterprises wanting additional support for their internal hiring teams - we’re scaling businesses of every size.

Are you wondering whether partnering with an agency is for you? Take a look at our top reasons to use a recruitment agency to help you decide.

(1) Access to the best talent

When carrying out a search yourself, how do you really know you’re finding the best talent? In truth, it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But partnering with a specialist agency will instantly resolve this issue.

When you partner with talent experts like us, you gain access to an extensive network of potential candidates, including passive talent nurtured over a period of months, sometimes even years through market mapping, networking and headhunting. We’ll ensure you get qualified individuals who are ready and willing to join your business. Thanks to our expansive network of Technology and Corporate Governance professionals, we have relationships with your target candidate base and will connect you with top talent much faster than if you were searching on your own.


(2) Cultural fit

Ever found an employee that ticked all the boxes at interview, but didn’t work out long term? It’s probably to do with cultural fit (or a lack of!).

88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is vital to business success. So, when you partner with a specialist agency, we’ll work hard to create and promote a culture that works for your business and its objectives.

We spend time getting to know you, and specifically at Apollo, we have many return clients who we’re proud to have worked with for years.

The result? We know our clients inside and out. An impressive 86% of our permanent placements made in 2020 are still with the same company 2 or 3 years later. And that’s because we understand your objectives, goals, and importantly… your culture. We’ll understand whether a candidate, regardless of experience and qualifications, has the potential to stay with your organisation for the long-haul.


(3) Experience and knowledge

Did you know that at Apollo we’re getting contractors on site in less than seven days and are filling niche, hard-to-fill permanent roles within 26 days on average? When you partner with a specialist recruitment agency, you’re not only gaining market expertise, but saving time too.

We know recruitment and our consultants are deeply imbedded within their dedicated sectors with strong networks of candidates. That means you can be sure of recruitment and legal best practice and will be advised on market trends and industry shifts. You’ll also get information on salaries and benefits packages, along with recommendations for helping you attract and retain quality candidates for your organisation.


(4) Stand out from the competition

Do you want to attract more applicants quickly? The secret’s in strengthening your brand. Consider that strong brands attract 50% more applicants. And when you team up with an agency like Apollo, we’ll promote you as an employer or choice and become your greatest cheerleaders!

We’ll actively take your business to market, position you precisely where you need to be, endorse your brand and shout about the many benefits of joining your company.

We understand how employment markets work and focus on finding people based on your specific brief. From skillsets, experience levels to cultural fit and diversity requirements - agencies do this kind of work for clients daily, and we’ll help you to achieve your goals.

Leave everything to us: from advertising, providing guidance on the recruitment process, to market trends, salaries, etc.; we’re on it.


(5) Save time and money

Stats show that companies will spend an average of 30-hours hiring and onboarding a new staff member. That’s a lot of time away from your daily tasks. Yes, there will be an outlay for working with an agency, but the cost of our expertise will save you time and money in the long run.

Remember that recruiters come with built-in candidate sourcing abilities that access the best available resources quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you reduce the cost associated with interviewing candidates yourself or investing in expensive posting sites/job boards.

Do you want to win back valuable time to concentrate on your day job? Working with recruiters takes the worry out of using up resources on hiring yourself.


(6) Vetting and screening services

Have you ever worried about the legitimacy of candidates? Over 55% of Americans admit to having lied on their resume, and for Brits, that figure is 21%.

Why not use an agency for peace of mind you’re employing credible people who are who they say they are? Our candidates are fully vetted – from basic ID and Right to Work checks, to qualification, and reference checks - everything’s taken care of, so you can be confident in the individuals you’re hiring.  

We’ll also carry out initial screening interviews, so you know you’re only meeting with suitable candidates with the experience, qualifications, and ambitions you need. Finally, our in-house Finance & Compliance team ensure we adhere to applicable regulations and support hundreds of contractors for our partners worldwide, including payroll management.


(7) Negotiation skills

Do you hate trying to bargain for the best deal? Negotiation can be not only difficult, but long-winded and involve a lot of toing and froing. But one of a recruiter’s many skills include negotiation, which means we’ll take away both the time and hassle it takes to ensure you and your candidate reach agreeable employment rates and terms.

Reduce the risk of your ideal candidate walking away by letting us strike the final deal. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re getting the best outcome for your business. And, if you’re working with us on an exclusive basis, we reciprocate that commitment and won’t put our candidates out for multiple roles to ensure less salary competition at the end of the process. 


(8) Post-hire assistance

Most recruiting agencies offer follow-up services after successful placements. Some of the assistance we provide our clients includes help with onboarding, ongoing check-ins with candidates, and continuous contractor care to ensure a smooth transition for all new employees and employers.

We also work with lots of clients on a continuous basis, helping them to stay ahead of the game with industry updates and recruitment trends, benchmarking, salary surveys and more. We even partner with clients to help them achieve long-term hiring goals, improve culture and benefits packages, diversity, and inclusion targets, and advise on how they can continue to attract and retain top talent for many years to come.


With all these advantages taken into consideration, it’s easy to see why using recruitment agencies makes good business sense for many companies. Interested to learn how working with Apollo could help your business to grow? Contact us to chat about your plans.

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