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Apollo Solutions are seeking a CMDB manager, to define the scope and objectives of the CMDB, which means identifying what CIs to include, what attributes and relationships to capture, what level of detail and accuracy to maintain, and what outcomes and benefits to expect from the CMDB. A highly impactful role, and another key role of a CMDB manager is to design and implement the CMDB structure and processes, which involves choosing the appropriate CMDB software and tools, creating the data model and schema, defining the data sources and integration methods, setting up the data quality and security controls, and configuring the CMDB workflows and functions.

Title- CMBD Manager (ITIL)

Role Type- Freelance 

Mission Length- 18-Months 

Ways Of Working- Hybrid Or Remote (Your Choice)

HQ- Belgium

Language- English Speaking 

As IT infrastructure becomes more complex, the importance of tracking and understanding the information within the IT environment increases 4 Major tasks of Configuration management are Discovery Control and Security Reporting Status Accounting or auditing.

CMDB is considered very important as it:

1)     Captures the attributes of the CI

2)     Captures the relationship with other CI’s

3)     CMDB must hold CI vs Application vs Services mapping

4)     Ownership details

5)     Installed software details on CI

6)     Operational Service Level

7)      MSP Contract etc..

Minimum Experiences:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the BMC environment.
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in data modelling, data model design, object-oriented software design.
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in designing and usage of relational databases, database normalization techniques, database performance optimization techniques.
  • ITIL certified.

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Jon Dartnell Principal Consultant

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