Training and development

In order to be a successful recruitment consultant within our sectors we need to help you become an expert in your particular sector. We provide intensive and continual training throughout your career. Every new employee receives comprehensive, individual tuition as part of a hands-on training programme as well as receiving external training from industry specialists.
Created and developed with the help of the UK’s leading recruitment training experts, our external training course covers all aspects of recruiting, examples of course modules include:

  • Sales Structure for Candidate & Client Calls
  • Building your Patch
  • Time Management
  • Job Qualification
  • Objection Handling
  • Rate & Fee Negotiation

Our markets are fast paced and ever changing, it is therefore of paramount importance that we continue to develop and progress through ongoing specialist training in order to help us stay one step ahead of the competition. This in turn enables you to develop into the industry specialist we need you to be in order to move up the ladder and build your career with us. The vast majority of our business leaders joined us as trainees and as we continue to grow and progress as a business moving forward we intend to do this organically.