The Culture / Incentives & Rewards

We operate a meritocracy within Apollo Solutions, meaning you will be directly rewarded for your hard work. We recognise that the continuing success of the company is down to the fantastic people that work for us. With that in mind, we work hard to make sure that our consultants are happy and well rewarded.

At Apollo you will benefit from working in high end specialist markets with a commission scheme that is designed to reward excellence & a variety of incentive schemes. We have structured training and career development paths with clear goals which allows the best performers to progress within a culture that is both competitive and supportive. With aggressive growth plans we intend to do this mainly through organic growth.

To be successful in recruitment, it is important to have fun and celebrate your success. Apollo will have an incentive at every stage of your career ranging from lunch clubs, football tournaments, suit targets and trips abroad – most recently Las Vegas, next year New York! All success within Apollo will be acknowledged and celebrated.